Sunday, September 24, 2017

One tick on the bucket list

I have wanted to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a long time.
It lived up to how I imagine it would be and more.
We spent quite a few hours wandering through the gardens - this is just a glimpse.

Lush tropical "jungle" walkways

Fountains surrounded by orchids

John also surrounded by orchids

The bromeliad house

An arched walkway of orchids and philodendrons

We spent about an hour or more in the orchid house.

The bromeliad house again

We had lunch in a little café in the ginger garden

A local volunteer told us a story about Australians who were prisoners of war in Changi. The Japanese had them build steps (not these) to one of the buildings they were using which now forms part of the gardens. In typical Aussie style, they signed their work and many years later came back to check the signature were still there.


  1. Oh that looks lovely Ros, I once spent 8 hours in Singapore airport and had a great time. So much to do just in the airport itself.

  2. Ros, where have I been? I am SO glad you commented on my blog; I have not forgotten about you, but somehow lost the contact information for your blog. I was catching up on all the things I've missed, oh my. First off, your car accident; I'm so glad you weren't severely injured. The shock of the impact; the insanely fast way a crash happens, and the recovery are all equally traumatic.

    And then to lose your precious Missy. Oh, how my heart aches for you; I know how you feel. I miss my little Pudding every day, too, but for me, the sharpness of the pain is more tempered by time. I'm so happy you were able to have a photo shoot with her; what a blessing. She was such a lucky dog to have such loving owners.

    The botanical garden is amazing, I don't know what I love best. The arches, orchids, bromeliads, stone work, goodness, it's all beautiful.

    Thank you so much for commenting on Mom's bedspread; she would have been amazed to think anyone from 'so far away' would read about her crocheting. I still have a lot of work to do since her passing. Most of it is grief work, if I'm honest. I miss her every day and I know I always will.


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