Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Queensland Garden Expo

Even though we don't have a garden yet, we can dream. The Queensland Plant Expo was on at Nambour recently. On our previous visit a couple of years back, we stayed in Caloundra overnight as it was a two and a half hour drive to get there, but this time it was just a tootle down the road.
The expo fills the Nambour showgrounds and includes everything a gardener in this part of the world would wish to see. There is such a wide variety of plants that can be grown in our climate and by the look of the plant stalls, most were on display.
This is just a small sample.

Some display gardens from landscapers showing off their wares.

I would love to create something like this in my backyard... if only we had room or the earthmoving equipment or the money it would cost ...

Maybe this is more realistic
Someone with a bromeliad addiction could have gone mad here. There were thousands on offer. I just looked. None came home with me.
Succulent fans would have found it hard to resist the temptation as well.

 and orchid enthusiasts would have been like a child in a candy shop.

So many plants and all on sale.

I will admit a couple of cordylines almost came home with me, but I resisted.
Then there was the garden art

and roaming entertainers
 At any given time there were about a dozen different gardening talks to choose from, on a wide array of topics. Local garden experts, nursery owners and celebrity gardeners shared their know-how. I went to one on Vireya Rhododendrons. I've killed a few and wanted to find out why. (Now I know)
They like frequent watering but MUST be well drained.

and of course Costas is always entertaining
They weren't kidding. This was a GIANT kitchen garden.
I thought this was a great idea for growing peas when you don't have much room - a pot, a post and a bicycle rim plus some twine to make the trellis.

This was cute - a nice way to display tea herbs
Don't think I'd use the good china though.
Surrounding the vegie gardens were stalls selling all manner of gardening tools and seeds and fertiliser, etc - even chickens.
We were very restrained with our purchases. For the first time we went away with no plants but lots of inspiration, details of local nurseries and garden product suppliers.
Then with one last look at my favourite display garden, I said - like Arnie -"I'll be back" .


  1. Next time when you're ready to sort out your new garden I can imagine you'll have lots of purchases :)

  2. Gosh that looks like a lovely show Roz, and I am impressed by how restrained you were! You saw Costa in person - swoon :) I am really looking forward to seeing what ideas you have for your new garden. do you have an idea yet, or sitll mulling things over? I am sure there are lots of other things to get sorted before the garden.

  3. What a lovely garden expo....even though I didn't attend I've gained lots of knowledge and gained some good ideas from this post....thanks.

    1. Oh and thanks for introducing me to Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia....had no idea who Costa was.


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