Friday, December 9, 2016

How does your garden grow?

The garden is a little over a year old now and although I don't get to spend much time looking after it, it doesn't seem to mind.

All the plants are doing what they're supposed to do. Since I haven't posted anything about the garden (or even taken any photos) for ages I thought it was about time.

The bird bath we brought with us is used by local willy wagtails. We don't get the range of parrots visiting that we used to in Missy's garden but they are around. We see them flying overhead so I hope as our garden matures they'll find us.

The heliconias (Rostrata) are beginning to flower even though they look a bit shabby from being knocked around by the wind. I planted 8 different heliconias. Most haven't flowered yet, but generally they take two years after first planted, so I'm not concerned.

A smaller heliconia.

The brugsmania was blooming well during the week but by the weekend the flowers are starting to wilt. For such a small young tree it's doing well I think.

The clump of pink shell ginger is so huge in just a year we'll need to divide it once it's finished flowering.
Our hibiscus hedge has almost reached fence height. In a while I'll prune it back so it can thicken up.

So, our postage stamp garden is coming on well, all things considered. There are still a lot of gaps where extra plants can go, but for now I'd like the taller plants to grow and create some shade before filling in the understorey.

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  1. Your new garden is coming along how all the plants have settled in and flowering.
    Can't believe that it is a year old already.


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