Sunday, November 8, 2015

Adding more plants

Just a quick update on the garden -

We chose Macarthur Ptychosperma macarthurii and Blue Cane Dypsis cabadae palms for along the back fence. Both are clumping and should fit nicely into our garden. Interspersed in this section are a variety of cordylines and crotons from Missy's garden, a native hibiscus Hibiscus tiliacious rubra and a pink calliandra.

We watered them in with a Seasol/Powerfeed mix and we've mulched with partly decomposed garden waste from our local rubbish tip. The mulch is free but usually you have to collect it yourself, of course. We were lucky. The backhoe driver was working and tipped a bucket load into our trailer.


Along the other end, not so much is planted yet - the palms and two crepe myrtle which I'm hoping will grow quickly and provide some shade. I want heliconias along this strip but so far can't find the ones I want. (I can wait)
To the left is a wooden deck behind our bedroom. I can already picture sitting out there with my morning coffee surrounded by a tropical mini-jungle.

This is the flower from the hibiscus along the side fence - the flowers are huge and so beautiful. I may bore you silly with photos of them.

We are getting quite a bit of rain at the moment so the plants are settling in well and we're starting to feel like progress is being made.


  1. oh that is a pretty hibiscus. Nice to see the progress in your garden, and what a good time to get rain...

  2. It's all coming along just nicely....patience my friend, patience.

  3. Your garden will soon be as gorgeous as the other. :o) Those hibiscus are incredible!

  4. Hello! Thank you for the link to your new blog and your new life as it evolves! I love your new home, it is stunningly beautiful! The garden is already coming along; you're really making progress. It is going to be lovely. I read all the posts I missed, loved your paintings, too, you are very talented. Bribie Island looks to be a wonderful paradise, I'm so glad you, John and Missy are all settled in. :-)


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