Sunday, May 22, 2016

Well, that snuck up on me

I should have seen the signs of course. When a young colleague apologised to me after saying someone was behaving like an old woman, that was a clue.

Then one morning I woke to this. One of our wonderful neighbours left balloons at the front door and a sign on the garage door.
There was no hiding the fact that my birthday had arrived.
I have turned the big 60.

A champagne brunch was held to celebrate the occasion and being old and forgetful, I forgot the take any photos. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to whatever the next decade has in store.


  1. Happy birthday - it is not so bad over the hill!

  2. Wow, you not only made it over the bridge but now over the hill too.
    Happy 60th!!! May you live to see many many more beautiful birthdays.
    What a thoughtful neighbour you have, that was a lovely birthday gift.

    1. We have really great neighbours Virginia - one of the best things about where we live

  3. You're as old as you feel! Happy birthday!


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