Monday, November 30, 2015

Old dogs and new tricks

I haven't mentioned Missy for quite some time.  She's almost 16 and is showing her age more and more lately. Her arthritis gives her trouble and stops her running about and playing with her toys as she once did. Now it's a slow stroll (except when food is involved then she bounces).  She doesn't hear the car arrive home or even my footsteps up the hallway, so gets a surprise when she sees me. Her eyes are clouded by cataracts and she sleeps for much of the day.
She's still in charge of the household.

What is it they say about teaching old dogs new tricks?
I'm guessing you can't teach them because they are very good at discovering new tricks for themselves.

Missy's "You just woke me up" look.
Missy has always had us well trained.
We know when she likes to be fed  --- 6 AM and 6 PM --- It can be earlier but never later. As an old lady she has started asking for extras.... the leftover milk from my breakfast cereal has become a necessary second breakfast rather than an occasional treat. Empty plastic containers (cream, dips, yoghurt, etc.) are begged for.
 Chicken, bacon, gravy and most meats are stared at to telepathically make them fall off the table. When that doesn't work, there's whimpering, more staring but now aimed at John or me rather than the meat, more whimpering... until the food is either taken away or she has a win. We have to be careful not to feed her too much because she isn't getting the exercise she once was. The vet did say the medication she is taking would increase her appetite - but really.... you would think we starve her. The problem is, of course, that sometimes we give in.

She has a number of favourite sleeping spots and goes from one to another throughout the day - usually near where we are. 

For a dog with poor eyesight and hearing, she surprises us with her ability to know when dogs are walking by. She looks sound asleep. She can't see them - even if she was looking in that direction, yet she knows and gets up to bark. Often she barks then a few moments later we see the dog. I'm guessing it's her sense of smell letting her know there's another dog nearby.
The other dog generally ignores her which must be frustrating to a little old dog who is diligently protecting her home.

Even in old age she's still the boss.


  1. Gotta love her....Missy is a sweetie.
    Don't let her age or diminished hearing fool you, she is definitely still in charge.
    Brownie loves yogurt cups too and he also moves around from one sleeping spot to another. I guess it's just like us when we warm up a spot in our bed, we roll over to a cooler spot. I always wonder how they mange with all the hair on their bodies especially in the heat.

    1. What's wrong with chicken, bacon and gravy...Brownie wants to know?

  2. Ros, seeing Missy did my heart good. She is so sweet. I miss my own two very much and was blessed to share my life with them for as long as we did. Dear Missy, still protecting her home from all dangers.


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