Sunday, January 10, 2016

A new shade house

John and I decided that we would give each other something for the garden for Christmas this year.
He erected my present over the weekend and it's already been put to use. Stay tuned for John's present.... It's next on the list.
Eventually a lot of the bromeliads will live around the garden, but until there's enough shade to protect them, they have a new home. There's a few other assorted plants in there as well - a few orchids and crab cactus, but mostly broms that we brought with us. They will get a little morning sun, but shade for the rest of the day.

Our other little project last weekend was to create a more permanent area for the succulents. When we moved I poked small pieces of various succulents into bonsai pots and other small pots, often 4 or 5 types in the one pot. They've been sitting on the ground near the laundry door and have grown and multiplied. I hope they do as well in their new home. It's actually the same area but we made steps from leftover bricks so the area looks neater.

All of those flapjacks (Kalanchoe luciae) at the front came from the one plant producing multiple babies.

I still have a couple of mixed pots to separate, though I actually like the look of the mixed plantings.
Originally, I bought the bonsai pots thinking I might try to learn the art of bonsai, but I'm starting to think that they may be better used as pots for mixed succulent plantings.

I can see this area expanding as our succulent collection expands. Maybe we'll even create a succulent wall.


  1. I love your shade house Christmas present....your husband John really knows you well.
    Hope you don't mind if I forward the photo to a friend so that she can have one built...she was looking for a simple design.
    You've got quite a large collection of lovely succulents, almost looks like a plant nursery!!!

  2. That's a perfect looking present, and well used from day one!


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