Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016, may you be a great one.

A little late I know, but Happy New Year everyone!

We've had a busy time lately, including a trip to South Australia with my brother to visit an uncle who has been ill, as well as the usual Christmas festivities.
It's back  to work and the usual routine again now.... and time to catch up with blogging.

Meanwhile the garden is slowly developing.

I added a few annuals to the front garden to fill in the spaces while the permanent plants get going.

At the top of the stairs we created a courtyard effect with a water feature (goldfish included, of course). Recognise the bowl. We brought it with us.

Welcome rain is helping the plants along the back fence

Can you pick the colour scheme ?

Have you guessed yet?

What? Need more clues?

John has built two wooden screens which not only make great vertical gardens but provide a windbreak and some additional privacy. At the moment we've planted them with annuals for a quick burst of colour, but I'm still deciding on permanent plants for them.

Living near the ocean is wonderful in so many ways, but can also have some issues. Sometimes we get a lovely sea breeze much appreciated on a summers day. Sometimes we get an annoying wind that dries out the pots very quickly and has even snapped a couple of plants off at ground level.

The plants along the side fence were chosen mainly for screening. It will take some time, but eventually they will be higher than the fence. They're coming along well.

The next job on our list is to plant some grass.

It will be interesting, I think, to look back at the garden at the end of this year.


  1. Your garden is looking great! It's so tidy and is filling in nicely. What a shame about the wind knocking off some of your plants though!

  2. Your garden is really taking off for the new your pink flowering highlights.
    Please tell Missy that Brownie says Happy New Year!

  3. Your new home on the island is exciting and so is your new blog. I browse through your Garden, Evolve, Explore and Create - so structured and that's great!

  4. I love that vertical garden on your screen. I have angel wing begonias which seem quite hardy - mine have been going strong for 6 years or more.


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