Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Big Photo Shoot

The big photo shoot almost didn't happen. Missy had an appointment with the vet at 8.15 am. We didn't realise until we got there that she needed to stay until 4.15 in the afternoon. The photographer was booked for 4.30.
We decided to see if we could pick her up a little early and headed to the beach and arrived just before the photographer.

 The photographer, Charlotte, has been photographing pets for 10 years. It was very obvious she loves what she does and is very good at it. Missy was instantly at ease with her, even after her traumatic day at the V.E.T.

 She took a variety of shots - close ups, distance - not a lot of action shots because poor old Missy's not so active anymore.

 She used treats to get her attention. Missy loves treats.
I think she thoroughly enjoyed not only the treats but being the centre of attention.

 Check out Charlotte's website. http://www.charlottereeves.com.au/  Her photos are fantastic.
She's also published a book.
The book features dogs having fun at their favourite places around the Brisbane area.

 The session went for two hours until the light started to fade and Missy posed and looked at the camera throughout - with the encouragement of treats.

 Thank you so much Andrew for such a wonderful gift.


  1. Hi Ros and John, what a wonderful gift from your son. I think I might do the same, I suppose there's someone like Charlotte in Melbourne. Because I also have an old dog. Potter is 16 and an old lady. So far, touch wood, she seems to be healthy, sleeps a lot but when awake eats and frisks a bit. Like you, I love her to bits and don't want to leave her. Thanks for the description of Cushings Disease, I'll watch out for any of the symptoms. It must be wonderful living on Bribie Island.

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful gift from your son.
    Missy had a photo shoot...it does sound all very grand.
    Seems as if she lapped up the spotlight too....maybe she'll be featured in Tails of Brisbane 2.
    She still looks well.
    Hoping you'll post some pics soon.


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