Sunday, January 15, 2017

How was your Christmas?

Preparations for Christmas were underway. We decorated our front yard with lights. Hadn't got around to putting up a Christmas tree just yet.... but that's as far as we got.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I'd just left work and was looking forward to the lighter traffic which the school holidays bring, when suddenly an out of control car sped across three lanes, spun around and hit my car head on. All I saw was a quick flash of red car, then smoke, pain, air bags and the other car planted where my engine used too be. No time to brake or react. It happened in an instant.
My first thought - I'm alive that's good. A passer-by came to help me out of the car and another called the ambulance and police.
Although my chest, arms and legs were all painful, I could stand and walk (with help) to the side of road. Someone brought a chair for me to sit on.
 The police arrived a couple of minutes after the accident and the ambulance a minute or so later. They took me off to the hospital emergency department where I was checked out and declared OK to go home - no fractures, just severe bruising. Luckily the air bags and crumple zone in my car had worked together to prevent any serious injury. Both the police and ambulance said it was the car's safety features that saved me. So I'm replacing it with the same type of car. (a Hyundai i30)

Not funny at the time, but later maybe.... While I was on the roadside I tried to call John but his phone was engaged, so left a message saying I'd call again later. But, I forgot to hang up so he got a couple of minutes of the police explaining that they would be taking the car away to clear the road but first I would go in the ambulance. As you can imagine he was relieved when I finally got to call him back.

So Christmas came and went and I spent most of the time lying in bed or sitting with my feet up. We went to my son's house for Christmas lunch which was very nice, but I never did get to put up the tree. I had 2 good nurses though. One brought me food and cups of tea. The other lay at my feet and slept all day to keep me company.

I'm back at work now - still have a few aches and pains but healing well. I pick up my new (same as the old) car this afternoon and life goes back to normal.


  1. Oh gosh that sounds like a lucky escape. So glad you are recovering, do take care.

  2. Oh dear Ros, I'm glad that you're okay after such an accident.
    What a scare for you.
    Continue to get better....our bodies take a bit longer to heal as we age (ask me how I know this for sure) so the aches and pains will go eventually.
    I am sure that Missy was very attentive when you were laid up.
    Give her a hug from me and Brownie.
    Sending healing hugs your way.


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